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Cosan, Donegal Town

Where is the programme based?

The Cosan group meet on a Monday at the CI Hub and their walks are sometimes local and other times further afield in Donegal.

Who is the programme for?

Cosan Donegal is an outdoor walking programme that supports adults with intellectual disabilities in their mental health recovery. The emphasis of Cosan is walking, talking and listening in nature; exercising in nature has many proven benefits for both physical and mental health.

What activities make up the programme?

The Cosan programme is based around walking, talking and listening:

  • Walking. We take walks on established nature trails all around Donegal that are roughly 3 km to 8 km in length. Weather doesn't stop us - we make sure everyone comes prepared with the appropriate clothing, sun protection, wet-gear, and proper walking shoes.
  • Talking. During our walks, we have shoulder-to-shoulder chats, in which people can talk about their hobbies, their weekends, or anything going on in their lives that they want to share in this non-formal setting. After our walks, we use a reflective diary to encourage the practices of mindfulness and gratitude - people will share what they noticed on the walk that day, something that makes them happy, or something they are grateful for.
  • Listening. During our walks, we also practice listening. We listen to the sounds of nature around us; we listen to each other; and we practice being respectful as we listen and allow other people the chance to talk and share.

Cosan, Donegal Town

Cosan, Donegal Town
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